Adam Sessler Announced as Editor in Chief of G4TV

adam-sesslerYes, the picture is creepy but that’s not the point!

The point is that Adam Sessler, everyone’s loveable, huggable, friendly neighbourhood Sess, has just got a promotion!

Yes, a week where he controversialy announced Fable II as X-Play’s GOTY and after being called out by presenter of Attack of the Show, Kevin Perreria, Sessler has been announced as G4′s Editor in Chief or to give him his full title, Editor-in-Chief of Games Content.

He will still front X-Play with Morgan Webb and will still do his own Sessler’s Sopabox but now, Sessler will have a little less time to play Fable II.

The press release is after the jump.



Los Angeles, CA. December 17, 2008 – “X-Play” host and one of the most respected names in videogame journalism, Adam Sessler, has been promoted to Editor-in-Chief, G4 Games Content.   In his new role, Sessler will oversee editorial content for “X-Play,” the most watched videogame show on television, as well as all gaming content for the network.  Sessler will continue to serve as host of “X-Play,” along with Morgan Webb. The announcement was made today by Neal Tiles, President, G4.

On “X-Play,” Sessler brings fans the latest news and information on the constantly evolving world of gaming, including live demos of the titles gamers are most excited to see, exclusive interviews with the biggest names in videogames, sneak peeks at games still in development and behind-the-scenes profiles with gaming’s biggest developers. Sessler leads daily comprehensive coverage for the network, as well as news gathering from key industry events such as CES, E3 and Tokyo Game Show.

Sessler has been front and center on the most watched videogame shows on television for over 10 years including nearly 1,000 episodes as the host of “X-Play.” Prior to “X-Play,” Sessler hosted “Extended Play” and “Gamespot TV” for TechTV and ZDTV respectively. Throughout his career he has conducted interviews with the industry’s top luminaries, secured an unprecedented number of exclusives and broken numerous news stories on “X-Play.”

“Adam is an incredible resource and has helped position G4 and “X-Play” as the center of the gaming universe,” said Neal Tiles, President G4 TV.  “We are lucky to have an industry expert with his experience, wisdom and passion, as well as his strong relationships throughout the gaming community, leading our team.”

Aww bless, the Sess has grown up.

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