GOONL!NE on Hiatus Till Monday January 5th 2009 from Monday December 22nd 2008


From Monday December 21st 2008, GOONL!NE will be taking a well deserved break from giving you news and reviews due to the Christmas break.

It has been an eventful year for GOONL!NE.

We started out on Blogger as Gamzsone V3: GOONL!NE before switching here as GOONL!NE and we couldn’t have done it without you and your support so from all of us here, thank you.

But, there is one more thing we’re gonna be doing before then and that is Jump Fiesta 2008.

Jump Fiesta is pretty much an anime expo in Japan but someone has a very big presence there with their Mega Close Theatre.

Yes, it’s our best buddies, Square Enix.

In the past couple of JF’s, they have had some pretty big announcements and stuff to go on at JF. They had Dissida: Final Fantasy for the PSP playable last year as well as Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days unveiled last year and if anything is like previous JF’s, this one could be a big one so that is why we’re keeping an eye on Jump Fiesta, in particular something for Final Fantasy XIII as it will be there, when it takes place this weekend, the 20th and 21st of December.

But dont fret, we will be back on Monday January 5th 2009 just as you’ve gotten over your New Year hangover (while I’ll be getting over a birthday hangover, if anybody wants to send me a birthday wish, do it on January 2nd)

But GOONL!NE will still be with you after christmas and will be there with you as we leave 2008 and enter 2009. On New Years Eve, we will be posting the Top 20 Games released in 2008 as judged by GOONL!NE. And on New Years Day, we will be posting the Top 20 Games Most Wanted in 2009 judged by you and GOONL!NE.

If you wanna game with moi over the holidays and through the New Year celebrations, gimmie an add on Xbox Live, the Gamertag is JohnnySaidDance (just be sure to mention where you got the GT from and I’ll give you an add)

From everybody who has worked on GOONL!NE this past year, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Jonathan Cullen
Editor in Chief, GOONL!NE