RUMOR: Free Radical Goes Bust

It’s been growing and growing for a couple of hours now but it seems that with every hour passing, it’s becoming a reailty. According to rumors circulating around the net, which seem to becoming into fruitation, Free Radical has gone bust and dissolved.

The developer of the Timesplitters franchise as well as PS3 title Haze, have been holding meetings in a hotel nearby the offices of FRD because when staff came to work this morning, they discovered the locks were changed with secruity there to turn them away from the offices with a note to meet up for what Videogaming 247, Eurogamer and are saying was the company’s final meeting.

As well as that, Videogamer 247 are stating that the secret LucasArts project which was announced in 2006, rumored to be Star Wars Battlefront III, was stripped from FRD months ago and was handed to Rebellion, the devs behind SWBF: Renegade Squadron for the PSP.

And to possibly add insult to injury, Timesplitters 4 has been doing the rounds for publishers to pick it up for a long while now yet the TS series is popular enough to be picked up by a huge publisher such as EA, Ubisoft or even Eidos, all 3 of which are connected to FRD in some way.

The situation hasn’t been helped more with their most recent release of the PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive Haze, which was met with negative reactions on it’s release both from media and gamers alike.

We hope that, in these times of a recession, this isn’t true as that, baring Haze of course, Free Radical are one of the most talented developers in the industry and we certainly hope that nothing of the kind has happened or at the very least, signifigent job cuts.

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