Jump Fiesta 2008: New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Shown


Square Enix are at Jump Fiesta and they have brought with them a new trailer of Final Fantasy XIII for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360, thats the good news.

The bad news?

Well, the recently released trailers from the RE: Replay DVD are all the footage we’re gonna get from Square this year because this new trailer is Square’s infamous Closed Mega Theatre. However, info of the trailer has gotten out (Sadly, no video like Versus XIII at JF last year or audio of FFXIII at this year’s TGS) and from the looks of it, it could be the best trailer yet.

Taken from NEOGaf:

- Some new girl, has a bob cut style haircut? oriental style appearance. Seems to take a bit from Rikku in 10-2, that’s the feeling she gives off anyway.

- A lot of other characters are on screen too.

- Lightning working on planning a prison break from where they’re being kept; a restraint holding them from entering the main area of the Cocoon?. Lightning is planning it and Snow is taking leadership of the operation

- Lightning is in a straight jacket or something. I think this is where it breaks into the original footage when they’re on the train and she takes out some of the Cocoon soldiers.

- Snow is talking about his ambition to protect Sera and the people of the world but apparently, according to Lightning, Sera has already been captured by the Fal’Cie.

- Because of this Lightning belts Snow
Lightning: You didn’t protect her! did you! < or something like that

- Snow: therefore I came to help!

- Lightning puts down her fists.

- They show the battle here.

- The battle is as flashy as it has been previously mentioned in small amounts in interviews etc.
The quickness and motion in the battle is the most furious and heated FF has ever seen. They were thinking along the lines of FF7AC style it seems.

- Shows a bit of the command, jumping is in the game as said previously but the writer of the blog says he was unable to tell how it happened.

- In the Cocoon there is a warning voice being projected. It was hard to hear what was being said over the noise of the music etc.

Event scene:

- Snow and Lightning help someone being taken away by a solider? Snow takes a Bazooka like weapon from a downed Soldier and delivers a counter attack.

- By the way, Snow gives a machine gun to someone, the suspect being taken by the soldiers? She introduces herself as Vanilla.

- Another battle, snow summons shiva and freezes stuff then completely destroys them all.

- All voices are in the trailer now, for each character.

There is also a Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer at the show but it’s the TGS trailer with an extended conversation between Noctis and Stella.

We’re keeping an eye on Jump Fiesta this weekend, Square could make a big announcement or two.

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