CONFIRMED: LittleBigPlanet MGS DLC – Announced, Priced, Dated


Get ready for a very special treat for the Christmas, Media Molecule is about to release the most funniest and exciting DLC ever.

To be released on 23rd December, the MGS Level and Character pack sees MGS take on LittleBigPlanet with new level, new material and new chatacters plus a new addition to the game.  Appropriately titled ‘the Paintinator’ gives the Sackboys some much needed weaponry to face their nemesis. As the name suggests, the DLC includes paintball guns-which obviously, giving a whole new dimension to create new user created levels for insane fun.

The paintball guns work the same way as jetpacks and include this in your level as a powerup.

As well as that, you will also have 12 new trophies to come and a character pack which includes Snake (revealed back at the Tokyo Games Show), Meryl Silverburgh, Raiden and Screaming Mantis as well as a new costume for your Sackboy, a terrorist outfit worn by Olga Gurlokovich’s group in Metal Gear Solid 2.

Plus, as well as the Paintinator, you also get 5 new levels to play with plus many many more cool stuff to come.

Pricing details and release dates are after the jump.

- Costume pack gets you Snake, Raiden, Meryl and Screamin Mantis costumes: $5.99
- MGS Level Pack: $5.99
- Release Date: Tuesday December 23rd 2008

- Each costume of Snake, Raiden, Meryl and Screamin Mantis costumes: EUR 1.99 (GBP 1.59) [No price announced for the Metal Gear Solid Premium Costume Pack]
- MGS Level Pack: EUR 5.99 (GBP 4.79)
- Release Date: Wednesday December 24th 2008 [Christmas Eve]