First Previews Roll in as Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned is Priced

The world’s first hands on previews are coming in for Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned with the game now over 3 weeks away from release on February 17th.

However, before the hands on articles came out, it was revealed that the game will only cost 1600 MS Points which is roughly £12 – £14 so all you need to get is 2100 MS Points and have enough left over for a film on Marketplace.

As well as that, new info emerged in the previews tonight.

  • When you download The Lost and Damned, you can play it without Xbox Live. So if somehow your internet cuts out, you dont need to Live to authenticate the game for when you bought it so you can play it without the internet.
  • To start playing TL&D, boot up Grand Theft Auto IV, there you have the option to start a new game on the main game as Niko Bellic or The Lost and Damned as Johnny Klebitz.
  • The leader of the The Lost,  Billy, is coming out of rehab when the game begins and it almost certainly looks like a power struggle between Johnny and Billy for The Lost will be the prologue of the game.
  • Depending on the skill of the player, The Lost and Damned will take 12 – 20 hours to complete.
  • If Johnny loses his specially customised bike, he can call Clay for a new one.
  • During missions, the logo of The Lost and Damned will appear on the ground, get Johnny in it for a couple of seconds and you gang will do a formation, your reward being extra dialogue.
  • Johnny’s story runs in parallel with Niko’s.
  • As such, there will be a mission in The Lost and Damned which sees you revisiting a mission from Grand Theft Auto IV, Blow Your Cover which sees you take on the failed drug deal with Playboy X and Niko only from Johnny’s perspective this time.
  • The scripts for Grand Theft Auto IV and The Lost and Damned were written at the same time.
  • If retailers sell the game (like Gamestop), the game will only be a voucher to download TL&D from Live and not on a disc.

So, there ya have it.

Expect more Lost and Damned news soon.

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