Mysterious Final Fantasy XIII Countdown Begins


Now color us interested and puzzled as to what this is about.

Square Enix has two (yes, two) mysterious countdown’s going on for Final Fantasy XIII, one for the US and Europe.

As to what it will be but what we do know on both countdown’s is this.

On the EU countdown, the count stops at 4:00pm GMT next Thursday (January 28th) stating that:

The countdown has begun. A new vision will soon be revealed to the world.
Register now to ensure you’re there for the unveiling.

As to what this new vision will be, we’ll find out next week.

But as for the US countdown, has unearthed new info.

On the US site, it’s been found that two versions of a trailer for the game, one SD and HD, has been found after a forumner decoded the flash for the site. This could be a brand new trailer or just the E3 2008 trailer like are saying.

However, we have noticed something very strange.

There are countdowns for Europe and North America but not for Japan (yet) so is there yet another megaton in the works for the game after that bombshell at E3 where it was announced the game was going to the Xbox 360 because after all, North America and Europe are the regions who are getting the game on the Xbox 360, Japan will only be getting the PLAYSTATION 3 verison.

We shall wait and see what happens next Thursday young one.


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