Embargo for Killzone 2 Reviews Expires on Thursday


It’s the most antcipated game in the world right now.

PS3 fanboys want it to be the 2nd coming of Jesus, Xbox 360 fanboys wants to see it fall flat on its face and fail and laugh in its face while the neutrals, like us and multiplatform owners, hope that it’s just gonna be a great game.

And what makes you get a great game?


The embargo for Killzone 2 was meant to expire next Tuesday February 3rd but according to Meristation, that embargo date has been brought forward to this Thursday, January 29th. So expect either hallelujah from PS3 fanobys across the earth or “Xbots” laughing like hyhenia’s on Thursday.

Game’s out on February 27th… come to think of, thats a month today! How time flies…