Meet the Steelbox Edition of Killzone 2 [UPDATE]


Update: We’ve now gotten ahold of what appears to be the Steelbox for the UK. Pic is after the jump.

Original Story: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you the steelbox of Killzone 2. Found of the Spanish website of Game, this will be the Steelbox edition of the game you’ll probably end up getting when the game is out on February 27th.

It is no collectors edition though.

Pic is after the jump.

Swish, innit?

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5 Responses to “Meet the Steelbox Edition of Killzone 2 [UPDATE]”

  1. Looks awesome

  2. Awesome indeed. :)

    I’m waiting to find a UK Steelbook of KZ2. It should be up soon, since it’s Game ES that has this one, Game UK should have it, right?



  3. 伝説kingcam07 Says:

    Will this be in the U.S.

  4. UK should be getting it as the cover is European.

    And no, the US arent getting it (yet)

    EDIT: Hold the phone on the UK front, check above.

  5. Oskar Jonermark Says:

    Looks awesome! I hope is come to Sweden!