New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Shown to the World


At 4pm yesterday, the countdown ended and we got a Final Fantasy XIII trailer, question was was it a old trailer?

No, it was completely brand new.

We seen real time footage, we seen new CG cutscenes, we even got to hear the voices for the first time. But even better was the fact we got to see actual gameplay footage and wow, it looks amazing.

At the end of the English trailer, it said “in production for PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360″ compared to the 2009 release given with “Only on PLAYSTATION 3″ for the Japanese trailer.

We will be posting the trailer later on tonight on our YouTube channel when the media embargo breaks but until then, the only video of the trailer on YouTube is here so watch it right now.

One Response to “New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Shown to the World”

  1. Holy Crap! Now I’m going to HAVE to buy a ps3!!!! Thanks for sharing!