Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned Out Now

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned Out Now

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, the first episode of two to come for the Xbox 360 verison of Grand Theft Auto IV, has been released on Xbox Live Marketplace.

The downloadable content went up at 8am GMT, 12am PST and 3am EST. It comes in at a wealthy 1.7GB and costs 1600 MS points with limited edition Microsoft Points going on sale to the general public showing the L&D logo.

After having numoerous problems with the internet here in Dublin (here for a couple of days), I can safely say that I am downloading it right now.

Watch out for a review in the coming days.

In other news,  Rockstar Games have told VG247 that the DLC is “significant enough” to warrant a free week’s worth of multiplayer for GTA IV, with or without The Lost and Damned, for all Gold and Silver Members of Xbox Live.

“The Lost and Damned is a significant piece of episodic content, and one we think will redefine what people come to expect from downloadable content.

However shockingly, it’s been discovered that at one point throughout the game that there is at one stage shown in the game a penis.


If you watched The Simpsons Movie last year, it could be as similar to that if you wanna look at it like that.

Yet, despite that, the OLFC, Austriala’s ratings board, has passed the game with no cuts and is available now with a 15+ rating, the highest it can go in Austrialia comapred to ESRB’s M for Mature or the BBFC’s 18.

Well.. thats all there is to it. OH WAIT! The reviews.

Eurogamer – 8

IGN – 8.6

1UP – B+

CVG – 9

Okay, now thats it.

Rockstar: Lost and Damned is “significant” enough to warrant free Live week [VG247]