First Image from Codemasters New F1 Game… Sort of

Codemasters have sneakingly released the first asset for the new Formula One game they have in development for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360.

The game, the first F1 game not being made by Sony after losing the licence to Codemasters, is due for this year and will have all of the teams (still standing I mean after the loss of Super Aguri and Honda), all of the drivers (including Lewis Hamilton) and all of the tracks (including the new Singapore night circuit).

In the asset given out, it’s a dev shot which shows (if I remember correctly, jump in if I get the corner wrong) Turn 4 of Spa in Belguim which hosts the Belgan Grand Prix.

The full asset is after the jump.


Guess the circuit…[Codemasters]

5 Responses to “First Image from Codemasters New F1 Game… Sort of”

  1. xxPIETRoxx Says:

    WTF, i was expecting a screenshot, oh well cant wait for the game. Please be a good one lol, with PROPER rules, none of this wait 6 seconds for spinning the car crap!! XD

  2. I loved Sony’s F1 game on the PS3 – even though it does feel a bit lonely since there’s no online voice or chat. However, it’s really tough to get excited about Codemaster’s new game when they made Grid such an arcade racer instead of their most excellent series, ToCA.

    ToCA games are some of the best online racing games ever created: Excellent online racing, great competitive car classes where every one has a chance to win – unlike Forza where there is usually one or two cars for each track which have a great advantage. However with Grid, they dumbed-down the physics to the point where you barely need to brake since all the cars stop on a dime, and the way the cars turn – they just pivot around the center of the car. Drifting or sliding around corners doesn’t take away any speed and so good driving techniques are not rewared.

    For those reasons, it’s hard to be excited about any future Codemaster’s racing games. Though if you like Grid, more power too ya.

  3. Is this going to be proper sim with proper physics or is it going to be another joke like DiRT and GRID? Even cars in ToCA 3 were considered floaty, I highly doubt any developers at codies actually have a driver’s license. I just hope that for once codies can prove me wrong. Their graphics engine has so much potential but everytime it’s ruined by the crappy driving physics.

  4. Please bring out this game as quick as possible and give us some vidios and proper screenshots so we can see what to expect. Please make the game as real as possible so we can experiance a proper race season. Also can you make the tracks as well detailed as possible and the cars and the racing as real as possible

  5. its not going to be anything like grid or dirt u guys should follow up on this