GOONL!NE Community Night: Killzone 2 [UPDATE]


UPDATE: You may have noticed last night that this never happened as we got to update on the game details as  well as the room not going up. This was due to personal fatigue (I have insomnia and it kicks in the wrong time)

Anyways, contary to what has been done, this post has now been edited to reflect that there will be a community night tonight. We hope you can make it.

Guess what y’all, we’re gonna have our first night playing together.

With the recent success of Killzone 2 most particuarly it’s online component, GOONL!NE will be throwing together a night of online madness which is hopefully gonna be full of killing and shiz.

Anyways, our first community night will be based on Killzone 2 but what modes?

Warzone naturally, all 5 modes on 2 maps, Blood Grecht and Redic Academy.

More specifc details are coming tomorrow as our night wont be until 7:00pm GMT tomorrow night (Thats 3pm EST, 11am PST) but needless to say if you enjoy the online for Killzone 2, we hope you’ll be out for this one.

More info today.