Guerrilla: “We’d Better Pull This One Off”


Killzone 2 is finally here but it did suffer through that controversial trailer at E3 2005 quite alot. Guerrilla Games have said the trailer has provided them with inspiration to make the game not only be so good but look so good too.

But what if your were up against it after that trailer? Well, according to Managing Director of Guerrilla Games, Hermen Hurst, they needed to pull this one off.

In the latest GameTrailers newsletter, an interview with Hurst reveals what happened moments after the trailer was shown at E3 2005.

Asked what was his most embarrassing/memorable moment working in the industry, he said:

“One “uh-oh moment” during my time at Guerrilla was definitely E3 2005. Phil [Harrison, then head of Sony's WWS] had just shown our KZ2 concept trailer, the conference hall explodes, Phil asks JB [Jan-Bart van Beek], our Art Director and I to stand up, we get a standing ovation, look at each other, JB says: “that rocked!” and I say: “Damn, we’d better pull this one off”!

But hey no worries, they did emphatically. It really is a game worth getting, it’s why we gave it a 10 in our review released early this morning.

5 Responses to “Guerrilla: “We’d Better Pull This One Off””

  1. oldest gamer Says:

    Thank you Guerrilla. Thank you for KillZone 2. Thank you for the effort and care to detail you have put into this game. Thank you.

  2. Awesome game, the hefty gun, awesome sound and music coupled with intelligent enemy AI and graphics. This game is a winner, I hope you get the sales this game deserves. Best FPS, I had more fun playing this than COD4 and Halo combined.

    I look forward to the sequel, I ask for online co-op and ability to carry more than two weapons ala Resistance Fall of Man (first one).

    Great job Guerilla!

  3. Ninjatime Says:

    Great game. Best looking out there.

    Now fix the controller so I can stand to play it for another 6 months online.

    Come on… you know what im talking about

  4. spookuka209 Says:

    Yes I would also like to say thank you GG for the effort and time they put in on the game I am thoroughly enjoying it.

  5. im realy impressed with the detail put into this game.
    like when you blow a head off you can hear the brains smoosh realy cool.
    some wepons make you use leer and sight like real guns again trying to give it a realistic feel.
    wel done GG this game feels like its been gone over with a fine tooth comb making everything as detailed and realistic as possiable.
    the only things that needed to be added are obviously
    and either cary 3 weapons on you at all times.
    have the pistol ALOT stronger, seriously it takes like 4 shots with the pistol to kill a hig on EASY.
    or let the player tos the pistol and use another gun.
    you need a second strong gun if you have a face full of enemies on elite and run out of machiene gun amo you cant reload youl be killed.
    you cant knife or but them youl get killed.
    all you can do now as is, is run to cover and hope its near by.
    you realy need a second strong gun like a machiene gun and shotgun.
    thats another problem i came up with that this would eaisly solve i LOVE using the shotgun but 80% of this game enemies are at a distance so you cant use a shotgun so i have to drop my shotgun to pick up a machiene gun clear all the enemies than pick up my shotgun to move on.
    but 90% of the time i forget so i just lost my favorite gun.
    and i dunno why dont get my wrong the AI in this game is its high light but rico feels like a dumb ****. in the palace balcony there will be some one behing him shooting him so he just stands there staring at the stars till he dies the higs are smart but your team mates are dumb as hell.
    ive lost count how many times ive died because one of my team mates have either blown my up with a grenade or theve ran infrount of me once i use the launcher or through a grenade.
    the friendly AI needs to be fixed up because its realy agrevating