More Fable II DLC Confirmed


Lionhead have confirmed on their community blog that more DLC is on the way for Fable II.

The game, which we game a 9/10 last year in our review, already has a DLC pack out for the game on Xbox Live Marketplace known as Knotwhole Island.

But Lionhead are working on more according to this quote from the community manager at Lionhead.

The team here in Guildford is working on some new content right now! More information will be shared in the coming weeks.

It comes back off the heals of Fable II’s sucess at the videogames verison of the BAFTA’s where it won 3 awards on the night. infact, Lionhead have posted a pic from it (where controversial TV presenter Jonathan Ross even stated that he’s been asked to voicework for Fable III, we’ll take that as a joke.

Aww bless, congrats Lionhead.

We’ll probably hear more as to what this DLC is as well as Lionhead’s next project(s) at GDC in a couple of weeks time when Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux keynotes it with Satoru Iwota and Hideo Kojima.

Some juicy Fable II news! [Lionhead Community Blog]