Big Announcement Incoming for GOONL!NE


We feel it’s time to announce something, bring in something big, as GOONL!NE is now heaveally improving by the day.

We’re now a much better experience blog now with nearly a year and a half under our belts, nearly a year under the GOONL!NE name.

We aint gonna announce it now, we wanna keep it a surprise. But needless to say, this is gonna take the site in a new directions. Most especially as GOONL!NE will most likely be reporting from GameCon in Cologne this summer when I head out there (it isnt confirmed yet but you never know).

Once we make this announcement, you will see a very big change in things here progessively on GOONL!NE, so we can suit to you, the reader and as well as that, our YouTube channel will be indated with videos updated with new content. For now, all you need to know is that this announcement is being made this week, midweek probably, so if  your a regular reader or a new reader to GOONL!NE, stay tuned next week for this big announcement.

Once a day is settled in announcing this announcement, we’ll let you know in our Twitter account. So sit tight, its only just beginning.