Final Fantasy XIII Demo Touches Down in Japanese Retailers with FFVII ACC

Word has come out that Japanese retailers have now got their shipments of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete coming to Blu-Ray on April 17th in Japan, which also contains the much antcipated demo of Final Fantasy XIII on the PLAYSTATION 3.

The proof comes from the UFFS fansite.

And we can confirm now that, yes, GOONL!NE will be having a hands on preview of Final Fantasy XIII as we’re importing the Blu-Ray in for the demo (but we’re gonna use the movie as well, of course), we’ll be taking videos, screenshots and of course, that hands on preview and simply, we cant wait.

Expect it in late April/early May.

The game’s out this year in Japan for the PS3, its out in the West next year for PS3 and 360, it’s our most antcipated game of this year, dont ya know?

FF13 Demo Arrives at Japanese Retailers [Unofficial Final Fantasy Site]