Valkyria Chronicles 2? Maybe According to Producer

Ooh, Sega you big tease!

In last week’s Famitsu, producer for Valkyria Chronicles, Nonaka Ryutaro, said how great it was to see the IP grow into many things including a Japanese anime. And while, regretfully, it didnt do as well in sales in the West, it did get added to the Greatest Hits collection in Japan.

And yet, just on Japan alone, there could still be a sequal to the game. Ryutaro very much hinted at Valkyria Chronicles 2. And while he didnt confirm a sequal, the way he would love a sequal gives VC2 some serious hope, and for good measure as well, we gave the game 3rd place in our best of 2008 series.

Sega wants to make a sequel to Valkyria Chronicles [PS3-Center]