The GOONL!NE Weekly Recap – 6/4 – 12/4

Welcome to a brand new feature to GOONL!NE known as the Weekly Recap, where we wrap up all the stories from this week, April 5th – April 12th. This week, only one game has been dominating the news: Assassins Creed 2. First leaked, then teased by Ubisoft and Game Informer, then confirmed with info released before the issue was revealed.

And then, the heavens opened when we unleashed to the world with the scans that everyone has been looking for.

But it hasn’t just been about Assassins Creed 2, god no. Did you realise that we now have a name above our heads now instead of a crappy WordPress domain, no? Did you know that there was an editors blog which went online this week too? Well, you do now! Hit the jump to see what else was reported this week on GOONL!NE.



OPM UK Gets First Playtest of Final Fantasy XIII + Review Scores [UPDATE]
Final Fantasy XIII – Preview Scans from OPM and Edge
First BioShock 2 Gameplay Footage This Thursday
RUMOR: Assassins Creed 2 to Be Revealed Soon
Game Informer Editor Hints at Assassins Creed 2 Reveal for Next GI


Info from the OPM Preview of BioShock 2
RUMOR: Halo 3: ODST Video Leaked
Official MAG Website Launches


Final Fantasy XIII to Run at 30FPS 720p
Prototype Confirmed for June 5th
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Revealed


The Top 10 Best Conference Moments This Gen
Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Now on XBLMP
New BioShock 2 Gameplay Info
Borderlands Becomes Cel-Shaded
OutRun Online Arcade Out Next Week
Killzone 2 Sells 500,000 Units, Fastest Selling Sony Title
OutRun Online Arcade Dated for PSN
Kitase Throws Strongest Hint Yet at Final Fantasy VII Remake


Assassins Creed 2 Surprise Coming Tomorrow
Call of Duty: WaW Reigns Supreme in the Latest XBL Charts
First BioShock 2 Gameplay Footage
Killzone 2 DLC Revealed – Steel & Titanium Map Pack
RUMOR: Second Killzone 2 Map Pack to Feature Killzone 1 Maps
CONFIRMED: Game Informer Reveal Assassins Creed 2
GI Assassins Creed 2 Info Already Leaked
Original Final Fantasy VII Now Available on PS Store


*nothing to see here*


New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer at Final Fantasy VII ACC Premiere
MAG Confirmed as a FPS
Assassins Creed 2 Game Informer Scans
RUMOR: Killzone 2 Steel & Titanium Map Pack to Sale for Free
Assassins Creed 2 – The Entire 10 Page Game Informer Feature + New Info

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