Assassins Creed 2 – The Entire 10 Page Game Informer Feature + New Info


You may have seen below the gameplay scans from MondoXbox, but now, GOONL!NE has the entire 10 page feature from Game Informer from the world exclusive reveal of Assassins Creed 2. We also have new info taken from the magazine and we finally get the answer to the most asked question of them all: is Jade Raymond involved?

Catch the 10 page scans after the jump, click on them to get them higher quailty, but here is what you need to know.

  • From the scans, Jade Raymond is not, repeat NOT, involved with Assassins Creed 2.
  • However, Patrice Desiléts, who worked on the first one with Raymond, is involved as Creative Director.
  • Over 240 people working on the game from Ubisoft Montreal.
  • The info from this? All true.
  • The more intelligant enemies in the game will check places where you think they wont catch you, that inclues barn stacks.
  • “Altair was only in the middle of this long timeline” according to Desiléts which means there could be prequels, should the option arise.
  • Know that hidden blade Altair had in the first game? You automaticlly use it for assassinations but only if your target is unaware.


Game’s out this year for PS3 and 360.

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59 Responses to “Assassins Creed 2 – The Entire 10 Page Game Informer Feature + New Info”

  1. Only PS3 360.What the fuck are ubisoft doing.It hapend the same wih the first part.They made it only for consoles and had to redo it for PC.

  2. Only PS3 and 360.What the fuck are ubisoft doing.It hapend the same wih the first part.They made it only for consoles and had to redo it for PC.

  3. MORBO[rus,ykt] Says:


    Also they didn’t made Prince of Persia: Epilogue for PC at all!
    I had realy liked Ubisoft and their games before it.

  4. Firstly you should look at the left corner of the first picture – it’s also for PC

  5. Да бля ) полюбому надо чтоб она на ПК была ) а иначе пизда какаетА ))) сука опять опоздание будет )

  6. Futtbucker Says:

    OMG this game is going to pwn all other games!!

  7. Arczhidea Says:

    No multiplayer? Sad…So many people had hoped for multiplayer for the first AC, and now they neglect to include it in the second? That really blows. Hope that development changes.

    Also, the GI scans do not seem to be working; I cannot enlarge them after clicking on them for some reason…I could previously.

  8. Desmond(ironic) Says:

    does it say anything about his ability?
    you know like Altair’s Eagle vision?

  9. Is it just me or are some of the scans not working?

  10. None of the scans work now. They show up a the big thumbnails on this page, but when I click them they seem to not exist :S

    Anyone help?

  11. I hope that, if there are only 16 mission types, they are at least varied and fun. I’m glad to hear that they’re supposedly listening to fan feedback. Sounds like a big improvement over the first game.

  12. It’s also for PC.
    On the official teaser site, when you click on “Assassin’s Creed 1″; it redirects you to the original homepage; there is a news announcment about the second game being in development. If you read the full article, there is a link that redirects you to a video interview with a member of the development team. In the end of the video, he mentions the game being made for all the 3 platforms.

  13. nope, scans not working

  14. Assassin Chick Says:

    i cant wait till it comes out ^^ was justt playing the 1st until my mom kicked me off cuz she wanted to take a nap ;[ I will b playin in little bit..trying to beat for the 2nd time now ;D i love it and cant wait for second!! if any1 has info on when the 2nd comes out plz leave a comment :]

  15. The teaser trailer says “Holidays 2009″. That probably means nearby Christmas this year.

  16. Great Read! Will be back in the future to check out mroe of your posts.

  17. comes out november 13

  18. it’s a shame that there might not be a multiplayer. a shame.
    (hey ubisoft! if u have problems finding IDEAS and CONCEPTS for different kinds of multiplayers: call me. i have a list (about 10 different modes…))

    and i’m pretty sure we’ll have to wait a bit longer than november 13. how often did they delay the original release date?? for my part, i say we won’t see this game in 2009 at ALL. (makes me wanna cry)

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