Assassins Creed 2 – The Entire 10 Page Game Informer Feature + New Info


You may have seen below the gameplay scans from MondoXbox, but now, GOONL!NE has the entire 10 page feature from Game Informer from the world exclusive reveal of Assassins Creed 2. We also have new info taken from the magazine and we finally get the answer to the most asked question of them all: is Jade Raymond involved?

Catch the 10 page scans after the jump, click on them to get them higher quailty, but here is what you need to know.

  • From the scans, Jade Raymond is not, repeat NOT, involved with Assassins Creed 2.
  • However, Patrice Desiléts, who worked on the first one with Raymond, is involved as Creative Director.
  • Over 240 people working on the game from Ubisoft Montreal.
  • The info from this? All true.
  • The more intelligant enemies in the game will check places where you think they wont catch you, that inclues barn stacks.
  • “Altair was only in the middle of this long timeline” according to Desiléts which means there could be prequels, should the option arise.
  • Know that hidden blade Altair had in the first game? You automaticlly use it for assassinations but only if your target is unaware.


Game’s out this year for PS3 and 360.

59 Responses to “Assassins Creed 2 – The Entire 10 Page Game Informer Feature + New Info”

  1. xSC4R3xCR0Wx Says:

    I’m really psyched for this but I think GI got the date wrong because I’ve read on numerous websites that AC2 is coming out in March next year

  2. assassins Says:

    fack fack fack fack haha

  3. interesante!
    espero que pronto podamos tenerlo en nuestros PC’s

    saludos desde chile

  4. cant wait for diz game !

  5. looks good! :)

  6. If you want to see those scans in Spanish because you cannot understand English, you can have a look into this web page.

    The game looks really good! HYPE

  7. Deeznuts Says:

    This game looks freakin awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on it! It seems to be evolving into a really awesome game series!

  8. Fantastic! thanks!

  9. Fook Yuu Says:

    Looks fun, anyone know when this will be released?

  10. artilluer Says:

    Hell ya, i am so pumped

  11. BlacksiteR Says:

    It must be a really big game))

  12. BlacksiteR Says:

    I want AC 2 on PC

  13. NEED AC 2 on PC!

  14. italia evvai! stop whit this pc buy a console!

  15. Даёшь перевод!!! For those who does not know Russian, I translate – you give transfer!!!

  16. как вседа нас обделили!!

  17. Omg this is going to be 1 sick game!
    December here we come!

  18. Вася Says:

    Чё там нахрен написано?

  19. assasinator 411 Says:

    dud it says at the end its coming out in winter learn to read.

    best game ever

  20. assasinator 411 Says:

    dud it says at the end its coming out in winter learn to read.

    best game ever

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