E3 2009: How [Sony] Could Steal the Show


You may remember that last year, I wrote an article just before E3 saying how Sony could really blow people away at E3. If you wanna read that again, click here.

And while we did get some things like the Video Store, Firmware 2.40 (which was only announced the day after we published that article), Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet, there was of course things that we didnt see coming.

We asked for Final Fantasy XIII, we got it, but not from Sony. I dont think I need to tell you what happened, I think you know what happened so I’ll spare you. Also, we got God of War III which, we did ask for, just in gameplay, not CGI. And then came something which bewildered people: MAG. 256 player online battles, the first thought that came into people’s heads was one word: impossible.

But moving away from 2008, the PlayStation family has gotten off to a great start particuarly PS3 and PSP. The momentum started with Killzone 2 and more on the way before E3 with inFamous, while the PSP will get a great ton load of games, particuarly the load of games announced at Destination PlayStation like Assassins Creed, LittleBigPlanet (which we asked for last year), Motorstorm: Arctic Rift and more.

But here’s the thing, what can Sony do THIS year to blow people away at their E3 press conference on June 2nd?


One Response to “E3 2009: How [Sony] Could Steal the Show”

  1. SYNC Says:

    PS3 redesign (psp already got 3 and so has ps2)
    Kingdom Hearts 3
    Metal Gear solid 5 (raiden action/adventure game)