Watch the Final Fantasy XIII Demo Right Now… LIVE


Want to watch live the Final Fantasy XIII demo in play? Well, you can! Someone is right now playing the demo and showing it live. No doubt this is gonna piss off Square Enix.

You can watch the video at the link but we’re gonna try and embed this… hopefully.

We’ll update this with more info as the video goes on.

  • Pause menu is very sleek
  • Game transfers very nicely from cut-scene to gameplay
  • Looks very, very nice
  • Lightning and Sazh have a fight, as to what, its unknown
  • A mix of Real Time battle and turn based combat
  • Demo is split in two, first half is Lightning and Sazh, the second is Snow
  • Snow seems to wear a lacy bra under his waistcoat (???)
  • All of Team Nora seem to be involved in the demo
  • Vanille is in the demo, fights alongside Snow in the demo
  • Snow uses hand to hand
  • There are some things available in the demo from go that wont be available in the full game from the start

Watch live video from esegk’s ch on