The GOONL!NE Weekly Recap - 20/4 - 26/4


It’s another GOONL!NE Weekly Recap, running from April 20th to April 26th. This week, no game didnt dominate compared to the previous two weeks, but our biggest story of the week is pretty much Zone of the Enders 3. Its one game that everyone has been looking to get since Zone of the Enders 2: The Second Runner, back in 2003 for PlayStation 2 and since then, everyone’s been looking for a sequel.

And we maybe getting if the KP report and Hideo Kojima himself have anything to say on it. Hit the jump for anything else that isnt Zone of the Enders 3.



Fallout: New Vegas Announced for PS3 & 360
Konami Severely Hints at Zone of the Enders 3


Microsoft Confirm 1,000,000 Sales for Xbox 360
New Tekken 6 Trailer Shown
New Dead Rising 2 Trailer Shown
New Lost Planet 2 Trailer Shown
Bayonetta Dated for Fall 2009 & Demoed Live in Public for First Time
New Tekken 6 Trailer Now Live on Marketplace
End of Eternity Trailer Now on Japanese Marketplace [UPDATE]
RUMOR: Stephen Fry Working on a Sequal to Game
Left 4 Dead Survival Pack Now on Marketplace
Lego: Rock Band Announced for PS3, 360 and Wii, World Goes WHAT THE FUCK!?
Broken Steel, The Final Fallout 3 DLC, Announced
Halo Wars “Stratagic Options” DLC Announced
Brutal Legend Released on October 16th
Mysterious Capcom Countdown Pops Up on the Interwebs
First PixelJunk 1-4 Screen Released?


New Lost Planet 2 Scans from Famitsu
New Dead Rising 2 Scans from Famitsu
New Tales of Vesperia PS3 Scan from Famitsu
Famitsu Review Scores [22nd April]
New Monster Hunter 3 Scans from Famitsu
New Final Fantasy: My Life as a Darklord Scan from Famitsu
Bizarre Creations Reveal Blur
Blur - Scans from Joypad
Dead Rising 2 Trailer Incoming Today [UPDATE]


Red Dead Redemption Boxart Revealed
Kojima Talks Zone of the Enders 3 and a HD Remake for Zone of the Enders 2
New Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Scans from Famitsu
RUMOR: New Star Ocean: Last Hope Scan from Dengeki Confirms a PS3 Release
F1 2010 Announced for PLAYSTATION 3 & Xbox 360, F1 2009 for the Wii This Autumn
SCEJ Recruiting People for Focus Groups5 New PunchOut! Screens
Big Impending Announcement Coming Monday Concerning Uncharted 2 & inFamous


Media Create Hardware Numbers Released - April 24th
F1 2009 & F1 2010 Offically Announced
F1 2009 - First Trailer
Madden NFL 2010 Cover Stars Announced
Madden NFL 10 - New Screens
Jane’s Addiction Coming to Rock Band with Nothing’s Shocking


BioShock Film Halted by Universal
inFamous Pre-Order Box Confirms Uncharted 2 Multiplayer
Saboteur - First Screens & Packshot
Fallout 3 GOTY Version Coming to Xbox 360
Driver: The Recruit Trademarked by Ubisoft
Square Enix: There “surely” Will Be Kingdom Hearts III


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GOONL!NE: Jonathan Cullen’s Blog:

Games + Low Sales = Flops? No

Be back here next week for more, otherwise we’ll get Thom Yorke to depress you.