Kojima’s Newest Game: What Could It Be?

So, on Monday, we see Koj’s next game. But the question is what could it be? It’s coming up to a year now since Metal Gear Solid 4, now arguably one of the finest games ever made at least, was released and we’ve been dying to know what Kojima has been up to since.

Well, on Monday, we find out, but what could it be? Metal Gear Solid 5? Zone of the Enders 3? Snatcher? Policenauts? A new IP? That FPS that has been rumored? Well, we here at GOONL!NE decided to put our betting hats on and see what could be that next project.

mgs5Metal Gear Solid 5 – Chances – 90%

Well, lets look at the facts. Apparently, OPM US said that Kojima’s next game would be MGS5 and would be revealed in May. Strange enough, this seems to be coming to fruitation, so there is most likely a chance this is true, but not just OPM that seems to be coming close to this.

Back at GDC in March, Kojima briefly hinted at “The Next MGS” with a little silloette which seems to be ninja Raiden. Could MGS5 be a prequal to MGS4, based on Raiden saving Sunny Gurlukovich from The Patriots?

And the fact that the Famitsu scan shows storms clouds shaped like Snake are a dead giveaway, so surely this has to be Metal Gear Solid 5.

zone-of-the-endersZone of the Enders 3 – Chances – 45%

Truth be told, as much as we here at GOONL!NE want this game so bad, probably more so then the Team ICO game, this aint Koj’s next game. By the sounds of it, it’s not even in development because of two things.

1 – The KP podcast recently asked listeners if they’d like to see a Zone of the Enders 3.
2 – Kojima said he’d love to revisit Zone of the Enders someday.

If they were working on Zone of the Enders 3, they wouldnt have said such things. Of course, they could be double bluffing, but we think not.

Some day Jehutty, some day… it’ll be soon ADA, soon.

mgs-360Metal Gear Solid 4: Subwhatever (for Xbox 360) – Chances – 25%

We reckon this wont happen. Okay, Substance was on the Xbox, but it didnt sell well. Needless to say, Kojima has come out saying that he prefers the PLAYSTATION 3, giving him the things he needs to develop his games on and the space for it (we dont mean memory or Blu-Ray when we say space).

Koj will announce a MGS4 Sub version with Guns of the Patriots, MGO with all expansions and more eventually, at E3 or TGS, but for the Xbox 360, no. But remember last E3?

hideo-kojimaPolicenauts Remake – Chances – 5%

Simply put, we havent heard recently from KP at all if they’d like to go back to the old games like Policenauts. So chances are very low on this one. Mind you, it’d be much welcomed, there was never a Western version of the game, just a translation for the game. The only time it officially appeared in the West was through Easter Eggs in Metal Gear Solid 2.

kojimaSnatcher Remake – Chances – 2%

As above for Snatcher. Unlike Policenauts though, Snatcher had a Western release 13 years ago for the Sega Saturn and PlayStation 1, which decreases it’s chances. So, Policenauts or Snatcher remakes are out of the window there I am affraid.

killzone-2New First Person Shooter IP – Chances – 10%

There has been rumors of Kojima thinking about doing a first person shooter and was infact thought to have been at several studios last year on a flying visit including Infinity Ward, currently developing Modern Warfare 2, and Guerrilla Games, behind Killzone 2 of course.

We think it’s been a while since Koj has worked on a new IP, Zone of the Enders been the last one on a console, so this could be it if anything, but all the signs are pointing at Metal Gear.

metal-gear-solid-4Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 Remakes – Chances – 0%

Koj has gone on record saying he isnt gonna remake the original MG games, so out goes that out of the window.

So there you have it, take your pick, what is Kojima and Kojima Productions gonna reveal on Monday? Stay tuned to GOONL!NE to find out.

2 Responses to “Kojima’s Newest Game: What Could It Be?”

  1. ShinGino Says:

    The “i+!=O” thing was the iPhone/iTouch game.

  2. Tommy Says:

    In that Famitsu scan you can also see 2 persons standing, and mansions. Whole scene looks wery dark and morbit.
    Who knows, maybe Kojima is working on a survival horror game, something new!
    It`s gonna be MGS5 or a new IP…
    Cant wait!