Kojima’s “Next” Almost Certainly Metal Gear Solid 5

Kojima's Next

Hi there and welcome to “Guess Kojima’s Next”. Who’s first, whats your guess?

Noo, not Snatcher. NEXT!

Noo, not Policenauts. NEXT!

Sadly, no, it’s not Zone of the Enders 3, although we’d like to believe it will be Zone of the Enders 3. NEXT!

DING-DING, we have a winner! The game is Metal Gear Solid 5. Well, not quite, but if the meta-tags to the now opened teaser site are anything, it is MGS5. The game will be revealed either way on Monday, but the meta on the site shows Metal Gear Solid tags, followed then by Kojima tags and Konami tags, which means it has to be MGS5.

As well as that, on the outline of the teaser flash of the site, it looks like there are two people being outlined, although we dont seem to see who they are. By the looks of the teaser, it actually brings “World War Two! to our heads, but why?

We think it’s gonna be a game that’s like MGS3, only instead of Snake and Big Boss, we’ll be playing as The Boss. Yip, the Boss. The mission will be during the D-Day landings she was involved in while carrying her child on them landings, only to be taken away by The Phillisophers soon after birth. If there is a game like this, this can only be a smart move, MGS3’s story is one of the finest ever written, only inferior to MGS4 now.

We shall see on Monday, when we know what that game is gonna be.