Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode Two Info Soon


Want more info on Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode Two soon? You’ll get it, according to Rockstar’s official .

It’s pretty vague, but it does say:

Details on 2nd episode of GTAIV downloadable content coming soon.

It comes as Rockstar announced that they arent showing anything at E3, according to Eurogamer, although this could change. It pretty much means that they could show it before E3 and is actually ready before the October date originally given by Take Two in their Q4 earnings report earlier this year.

The first episode, The Lost and Damned, was released in February to an overwhelming success and is the best selling piece of DLC ever sold on Xbox Live Marketplace, although Microsoft and Take Two have officially refused to give the proper numbers for it.

It’s also been highly rumored that both episodes will come to the PS3 at some point, one recently from PSW which claims an August date for both DLC episodes on the PS3.

We’ve asked Rockstar for comment.