New Mass Effect 2 Video

Mass Effect

BioWare have released a new video of Mass Effect 2, which is viewable after the jump. It shows Casey Hudson, the Project Director of Mass Effect 2, as well as other staff from ME2 and BioWare, talking in the video, showing cinematics and gameplay from Mass Effect 2.

We will know more at E3, thats for sure. The game’s out early next year for the Xbox 360.

6 Responses to “New Mass Effect 2 Video”

  1. “If you killed off one of the character from the first game, you’re not gonna see them in the second game”

    Holy shinto that sounds interestiiiing!

  2. “The game’s out early next year for the Xbox 360.”

    and PC*

  3. hulunder Says:

    that last part of the video where “sheaperd” is walking looked sooooooo sick and well done. i cannnot wait for this game. AHHHHH

  4. How are they going to incorporate those decisions from the previous game?

  5. I am so looking forward to this game. I loved the first part and what I have seen of the sequel makes me so anxious for it.