Kojima Teaser Site Updates with a Countdown


That massive Koj Pro teaser site has updated again and we’ve finally find out…. nothing. Today was meant to be the reveal date of what Hideo Kojima was meant to be up to, but thats not happened. However, thats not to say something hasnt happened.

A change in the weather has occured on the site with lightning now occuring and along with a countdown, which we screencapped at 94 hours, 10 minutes and 46 seconds. The biggest hint though is a symbol which appears when lightning hits.

We cant tell if it’s a 5 or an S. If it’s a 5, it’s obviously Metal Gear Solid 5, but if it’s an S, it’s Metal Gear Solid 4 Sub… whatever. Either way, GOONL!NE will be up on the early hours of Wednesday for a hopeful leak in this week’s Famitsu, otherwise we’ll have to sit it out till Friday and find out then.

Find then image after the jump.


One Response to “Kojima Teaser Site Updates with a Countdown”

  1. poomafuka Says:

    You’ll have to wait longer to know what the site is counting down to

    “looks like enterprising Metal Gear fans have poked around the site’s source code, and have found that the current countdown clock is just one of five individual clocks – hey, there’s the number five again – set to overlap one another over the next few weeks. Incidentally, the very last clock will tick 00:00:00 on June 1st – the first day of E3. Also, for you conspiracy theorists out there, the day of Microsoft’s press conference”

    looks like a MGS4 port for the 360