inFamous Split Into Several Regions [UPDATE]


UPDATE: It seems there has been a u-turn at SCEE, there will be an English dub in a future patch.

Original Story: Sucker Punch has announced on their forums that inFamous will have no English dub in the game within most regions the game comes out bar the UK, Portugal and Russia, meaning the Beaurux regions of Europe will have to put up with Belgan and Dutch voicing dubs as well as their respective menus in their language. The request came from SCEE.

Or if you still dont understand what we mean, here’s what Sucker Punch said.

There are in fact THREE builds covering traditional “Sony Europe” territories…

#1 = English, Portuguese, Russian
#2 = French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch
#3 = Polish

We had to do #3 because the OS doesn’t yet support polish.

We split #1 and #2 at Sony’s request.

We’ve asked Sony for comment. Check for our impressions of inFamous soon as the game gets closer to the May 29th European release date.

11 Responses to “inFamous Split Into Several Regions [UPDATE]”

  1. So, does this mean there wont be any English language at all in the European version of the game? If that’s the case I might cancel my pre-order and import from the UK instead..

    • Unless you live in the UK, Portugal and Russia, no, there will be no English dub in the European version of the game.

      Simply put.

      This has very much confused me, the tactic and what the plan is :S

      • Hmm.. That’s very strange… So, if I live in Sweden I pretty much wont understand a thing they are saying? The demo that I downloaded was in English. Though if you had the XMB language in Swedish the audio was in French, and if the XMB was in English the audio was in English. I’m starting to get really worried now.. If they do it like that they will loose a whole lot of money from people who will we sending it back.

        • Bingo.

          Basiclly put, unless you live in them 3 countries that will get the English dub, no English dub for the game at all elsewhere in Europe.

          • That’s about one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.. I REALLY hope this isn’t true.. Thanks for the heads up! I’m going to mail the retailer and see if they have any information regarding this.

          • In all countries that dosen’t have French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch or Polish as the primary language they will release version #1.

  2. I was going to pre order this in Norway, but maybe not so much anymore…. if we get a dutch version it will be returned by almost everyone the first week.

  3. LOL!!

    I live in Portugal so i con play the game in english.


  4. What about Blu-Ray? The fact that Belgium seems to have more foreign people than nationals makes english nessecary. And all the belgians can speak English anyway so why not have all languages?


    This ii this shi*. Seriously? Waht the hell has the SCEE being thinking. If it is dubbed in what ever it is and not in english I WILL NOT BUY IT. This could have been one of hte best games of ‘09 and if they fuc* it up it is a shame!

  6. Hang on a minute folks, turn that frown upside down, check the top of the story in just a minute.