New Heavy Rain Footage This Thursday

Heavy Rain 2

So Sony’s E3 press conference is two weeks today at the Shine audotoriom in LA, you will see some games there of course, some like Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, God of War III as well as hopeful reveals of Team ICO’s next game and Gran Turismo 5 and hopefully see another game demoed there like the former 3 above, like Heavy Rain. Bad part is you’d have to wait two weeks, right? Wrong.

There will be some brand new footage of Heavy Rain coming this Thursday on GameTrailers TV. The embargo for the game is set to break this Friday with new info, screens and details, but it seems we will be getting our first look at Heavy Rain since August 08 in Leipzig at Game Convention a little sooner then Friday or June 2nd when the Sony press conference takes place at E3, as the game is listed to be appear on the show on the show’s webpage on GameTrailers.

Also, the preview on Spike TV’s website goes a little something like this:

GTTV gets a behind the scenes look at the cinematic PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain.

Personally, us here at GOONL!NE are looking forward to Heavy Rain… alot, having looked at the previous footage as well as Quantic Dream’s last game, Farenheit, so we get a hell fucking yeah?