CONFIRMED: Battlefield Heroes NOT Coming to PS3 & 360 [UPDATE]

Battlefield Heroes

UPDATE: EA have emailed GOONL!NE, pointing out that the listing was a mistake and is being removed. The listing was for infact Battlefield 1943, according to EA.

Original Story: Anybody praying for Battlefield Heroes after the weekend? Your prayers are dashed folks, it’s not coming to consoles according to DICE.

On Saturday, we broke the news that Heroes could be coming to the PS3 & 360 due to a listing on the US Press Site for EA, which cited the game for an unlikely June 2009 release date with a rating pending from the ESRB.

But now it seems, it aint happening. At all. Whatsoever.

According to Ben Cousins of DICE on the Heroes developer blog:

Contrary to rumours spreading around the internet in the weekend we have no plans to release Battlefield Heroes on either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

Battlefield Heroes’ mixture of free download (funded by micro-transactions and advertising) and our extensive use of the web for social features means that Heroes is tailor-made for PC.

Well, consider that one put to bed.

Still, DICE have console owners covered with plenty of Battlefield with Bad Company 2 and 1943, both due for the PS3 & 360. 1943 is due in the summer, Bad Company 2 is due early next year.