First Killzone 2 Flash and Thunder Screenshots

Killzone 2

The first Killzone 2 Flash and Thunder Shots are here, and they after the jump.

It was announced earlier for a June 11th release.

5 Responses to “First Killzone 2 Flash and Thunder Screenshots”

  1. Dom6390 Says:

    Is it just more or do these look nothing like Original Killzone maps ??? especially the first picture with the ISA cruiser shooting down in the backdrop ?? Killzone 1 was set on Vetka with the helgast attacking not the ISA

  2. VinTheDean Says:

    It’s made to fit the KZ2 mind set/world.

    I understand your point though. It’s they are maps from KZ1 then they should look like the KZ1.

  3. WHADAFXUP Says:

    Sweet! Count me in! I like the feel of the terrain Snipers Heaven!

  4. Matchgrade Says:

    These look boring. Nothing unlike the already-too-similar maps included with the retail game. How bout some fresh scenery that doesn’t involve gray skies and ruined buildings? Hell, a map that takes place in EITHER night or day (Guerilla likes to stay somewhere in between) in an INTACT city environment would be a great change of scenery.

  5. trk_rkd Says:

    I love kz2 but yeah i’m a little disappointed these maps don’t more clearly reference the visual style of the kz1 maps. Beachhead especially was a really pretty map back with kz1 and, despite all that game’s faults, it still had some well designed multiplayer maps (even if MP the performance was pretty sketchy). These do just look like extensions of the helghan landscape… I mean I’m sure I’lll get the new pack – wasteland bullet in the first pack was a great level, pulled off the dangerous obstacle stuff without feeling too cheap or gimmicky. So if they bring that same quality to these new maps then I’m cool. But I wanted pretty beachhead, not this grim stuff. Oh well.