Sony Refusing to Comment on trICO


Our first thought when we seen the news that the first video of Team ICO’s newest game trICO went onto the internet, when we seen the video, we first thought “wow”. Our second thought was to email Sony on the subject, to confirm if Fumito Ueda will be at E3 in two weeks time with trICO in toe.

The response: …

Yup, nout. Sony said that on the subject of Team ICO, they werent commenting on it.

The official line given to us was:

With regards to the Team ICO video, I’m afraid we’re not commenting on this.

Which means that, unlike SCEA, SCEE do acknowledge it, they’re just not talking about it as such.

Which now worries us even more now considering the earlier news that a E3 reveal is now 50-50. But considering the positive reaction to the trailer, surely it will lead somewhere to a reveal 2 weeks from now, right? Mind you, no comment basiclly means it’s coming or real, in this case, it’s real. We shall see.

We shall see…

3 Responses to “Sony Refusing to Comment on trICO”

  1. Gregormeister Says:

    First! ;-)

    It would be nice to see more stuff of Project TRICO on E3, but although it’s not REALLY important to me.

    Important is the fact that Team ICO makes us a wonderful present with this extrem emotional and beautiful looking new titel. One more in a great list of upcoming exclusives. And also a really special one, like Heavy Rain, in strong contrast to (Killzone2,) MAG, Uncharted2 or GoWIII. (Hey, I eagerly anticipate them, too!)

    Project TRICO looks like a game to play with your girlfriend; and one that could tease a few tears out of nearly everyone. Simply wonderful.

    Greets from Germany,

  2. Spenok Says:

    if u havent seen the trailer yet, stop and watch it asap!
    the game looks amazing, i dont think i could be more excited for a game at this moment….. (cept for maybe FF13) xD

  3. aguy Says:

    wont be at E3 will be at TGS.