Kojima Still Doing the “bigger projects” as Teaser Site Comes to the Final Countdown


Hideo Kojima has said to Develop that he intends to still do the bigger projects in gaming at Konami, despite the release of Metal Gear Solid 4 last year, despite saying he would like to do small projects.

Someone asked me earlier if I’d consider making a smaller game now that I’ve finished a project as massive as Metal Gear Solid 4. My answer is that, personally, I’d love to work on a smaller project. But, thinking about the time I have left to survive, I’d rather spend that time working on bigger projects.

And not just that, Konami wants the head of Kojima Productions to do more Metal Gear Solid games.

Yeah, there’s absolutely pressure there. Maybe if I quit Konami that pressure might be a bit better, but since Konami handles the business side of our operations, yeah, there’s definitely a demand continue a series as successful as Metal Gear.

It comes as the teaser site counts down to something which ends at 1am BST, probably a change in weather, which will culmate in a reveal of his brand new game, which may or may not be Metal Gear Solid 5, at E3 in a week and a half. We cant wait.