Major Hint at Kojima’s Next Game in PSW

Kojima's Next

So, Hideo Kojima’s next game has had us in a tizzle, trying to figure out what the fuck he’s making right now and, it seems, all but clear its a Metal Gear game, nearly a year since Metal Gear Solid 4, question is what?

Well, his teaser site updated last night and it had… yip, another countdown. But the letters E and 3 come up, no guesses what they mean, along with a weather of torrential rain. 10 days, we’re excited. But a major hint has come out tonight, according to GamingBolt.

On the pages of the UK’s PSW magazine, it has a page stating “Hideo Kojima’s Next Game! with a silloette of what the main character appears to be. Also, the fact it appears on a PlayStation magazine now all but confirms it as a PlayStation exclusive surely.

Catch the pic after the jump. We’ll know more next Wednesday when the new Famitsu, the last before E3, will apparently have all the info from Kojima on a PS3 Metal Gear (as well as a PSP version).