CONFIRMED: OXM US Confirms Commander Shepard for Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2Thought Commander Shepard was dead? Not at all, he/she (depending how you made him/her in the first game) is very much still alive and will be in Mass Effect 2, thats if the latest cover to Official Xbox Magazine confirms anything, according to Deeko.

At the end of last month, it was cofirmed that the mag would get a world exclusive feature of the game before E3 and it seems certainly true, the feature is 10 pages. We’re so dying to get our hands on these scans right now.

The game will be at E3 2009 and the trailer, according to on their Twitter and the ME2 Twitter, will blow our minds. We’ll hold you to that, BioWare. The game’s out next year for Xbox 360.

Catch the first gameplay screens here and pre-E3 teaser here.