Full Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Released

The first proper trailer of Modern Warfare 2 has been released.

In it, we see jetski’s, jets, arctic battlegrounds, scooba diving, Rio de Janero and more as Infinity Ward gear up to the worldwide launch of the game on November 11th. You can catch the trailer for it after the jump and simply put, it’s mindblowing.

Be warned though, it has the ending (at the start) of Modern Warfare 1, so if you haven’t completed the first game, you risk watching this at your own peril.

It’s also on Xbox Live in HD, according to Major Nelson. We assume this’ll also be on the PS Store when it’s updated this Thursday.

One Response to “Full Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Released”

  1. Jonathan Cullen Says:

    This has so much potential, innit? :D