RUMOR: Square Enix to Announce 3 New Games Before E3


Megaton incoming?

If last E3 is proof, dont bet on it, bet on three megatons. Gameplayer has discovered that Square Enix will be annoucing 3 brand new games sometime this week. As to what they are, they wouldn’t state but they did state that two would be multiplatform and that two of them are coming from two of their popular franchises, which leads us to believe this will be Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts related.

And by process of elimination, that means there will be an exclusive out of them three games. Square isn’t attending E3 this year due to increased fears of Swine Flu in Japan, which has seen Capcom Japan and KOEI pull out of the event already.

Our best guess as to when these announcements are made? Early Wednesday morning, the new issue of Famitsu, the last before E3 and normally, Famitsu has a tendency to reveal big games before big events such as E3 or Tokyo Games Show.

Watch the mountains.

4 Responses to “RUMOR: Square Enix to Announce 3 New Games Before E3”

  1. aguy Says:

    FFXI on ps3 = 1
    FFVII remake on ps3 = 2
    FF1 on wii = 3

    just kidding……or am I.

  2. aguy Says:

    seriously though i am just kidding, I think the first one is correct and the last one already happend. As to the middle, i dont think its ever going to happen.

    • Jonathan Cullen Says:

      Yip, XI was announced last night but we never got round to it and I was announced for WiiWare at GDC.

  3. aguy Says:

    yeah the teaser from square that shows the city fighting with bombs going off…..thats # 3 project rapture.