Bank Holiday Monday Here on GOONL!NE


It’s a Bank Holiday on GOONL!NE today (May 25th), both in the UK and the US. In the UK, it’s just a standard Bank Holiday but in the US, it’s Memorial Day. Normally, we hate Bank Holiday’s, it drives us mad as fuck, knowing that we aint gonna get any news somewhat, or a lack of therefore, but this one time we welcome it.

E3 is next week and we need to be ready for the influx of stuff thats coming in, so just this one time, Bank Holiday Monday is muchos welcomos. We’re still updating the site today, but not as much as we normally do.  However, to get you ready for E3 next week, GOONL!NE will be posting the top 10 E3 moments of this generation so far from tonight and all this week, ending with a double bill before the Nintendo and Sony conferences next Tuesday.

We’re so excited, we need to calm down today. Sorry.

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  1. Avertedd Says:

    Полностью согласна!