RUMOR: Kojima to Announce an MGS “Orange Box” in Famitsu Tomorrow

Kojima's Next

Watch the fucking mountains, get the kids to the shelter and have a wank before the megaton comes in, this one just got a lot more massive. It was brought to our attention last week that there would be a possible reveal in the last Famitsu before E3, thats tomorrow’s issue, of the next Hideo Kojima project, which seems all but confirmed it will be Metal Gear Solid related.

But is it MGS5? Is it MGS4 Sub? It could be the latter, and thensome if leaked scans has truth in it. First, a forum poster got this scan of Famitsu which has screens of all 4 MGS games, No.1; Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater and Guns of the Patriots.

The second proof comes in two videos, posted on YouTube, showing the newest issue of the magazine apparently. Which can only point to one thing: an MGS Orange Box.

If such a thing ever happened:

1 – We’d be so excited, we’d cum… and we wouldnt have to do anything.
2 – It’d have to be on PS3, no way would such a thing fit 360, right (we’re not flaming, just an observation)

Still, we have to calm down and take this with a pinch of salt.

Catch the scan and vids after the jump. The info from the new Famitsu comes out in the early hours of tomorrow morning, we’re going through our regular bout of insomnia right now, so we’ll be up to see what happens if Kojima does drop a almighty megaton, or at least a signifigant hint before E3 next week, possibly at Sony or Konami’s conference on Tuesday.

Merci VG247.