CONFIRMED: Metal Gear Solid 5 Confirmed – Featuring Big Boss & Gray Fox (?)

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UPDATE: Apparently, not Raiden, it’s actually Gray Fox. If you read the scans carefully, Gray has red eyes where Raiden had blue. This one has the former.

UPDATE 2: Oh god, now we’re getting confused. PlayStation Insider has translated it and while there is no mention of Raiden, there is also no mention of Gray Fox. It’s 7 years after the events of MGS4 (by which time, we assume Snake died).

There will be a PS3 and PSP game, but both intertwine.

It’s 4am BST, our head is sore and we need sleep! This aint fair!

Original Story: Famitsu has revealed Metal Gear Solid 5, featuring Big Boss and apparently, Gray Fox. In an exclusive interview with Hideo Kojima. So far, only scans from the issue has come out and very little has been revealed, we cant even confirm if it’s actually Metal Gear Solid 5 itself, for all we know it’s Portable Ops 2 for the PSP, but the concept art is too PS3 like, so we’re going on an assumption right. And as well as that, forumners are saying the platforms are censored, but this MGS will be on PlayStation platform (s) no question.

What we do know is this: the article is been translated and as soon as any info comes out, you’ll know. Catch the scans after the jump.

More soon.

9 Responses to “CONFIRMED: Metal Gear Solid 5 Confirmed – Featuring Big Boss & Gray Fox (?)”

  1. Mason Says:

    ZOMG. =D

  2. asdf Says:

    how will they do raiden and big boss? unless big boss is 75?!

  3. Mason Says:

    maybe they’ll tie it in right.. maybe thats not big boss… maybe its snake but healed from his aging sickness and is now aging normally?

  4. Jonathan Cullen Says:

    I dont know, but honestly.

    Maybe it’s VR.

  5. Mason Says:

    hmm.. possibility, but that would really kill the whole point of having a true sequel, right? VR was usually the “get ready for the game” section, cept for vr missions, which really was just straight forward do this, do that. its quite amazing if kojima pulls this off with us understanding it.. also, when the picture was up (WHERE DID IT GOO!!? T___T) you could see that Raiden looked different some how.. maybe it could be little john in the future..? also, through some speculating i did on the website photo, i was searching “Big Boss’” hat. the beret said something like “national ..blahblah.. frontieres”

  6. Mason Says:

    also, i started to notice that raiden still has his exo-skeleton gear still on, which was taken off after the end of MGS4.. prequel in between 2 and 4? maybe hes saving sunny.. we never understood taht

  7. Jonathan Cullen Says:

    It’s Gray Fox supposidly.

    Check above.

  8. aguy Says:

    Raiden has advanced foxdie hence the ageing. Its all raiden.