E3 2009: Dylan Jobe Clarifies Situation on Next Game

ps3So, reports went out yesterday after a very subtle yet massive tweet from former Incognito head Dylan Jobe on his next game, that he’d present it to Sony on Friday and a reveal on Tuesday at SCEA’s conference, right?

Wrong… well, mostly.

Jobe’s clarified the situation stating that even though the game is presented to Sony, it does so every month and doesnt actually mean it’s revealed at E3.

It’s true, just because it’s been shown to Sony near E3 doesnt mean it’ll be revealed at E3, infact David Jaffe has been showing builds of his new game to Sony before E3 and he’s confirmed that wont be at E3, so dont take it the wrong way. Dont rule it out either way quite yet though.

Jobe is now in his new studio, Lightbox, apparently working on a Warhawk in space, Starhawk.

One Response to “E3 2009: Dylan Jobe Clarifies Situation on Next Game”

  1. aguy Says:

    maybe not so much starhawk…….