E3 2009: Final Kojima Teaser Site Countdown Ends Tonight

Kojima's Next

All the talk, all the speculation and all the fucked up theories (including ours) will be put at ease tonight at 10pm BST, the final countdown to Hideo Kojima’s teaser site will finally come to an end. The game is almost certainly Metal Gear Solid 5 (PSP MGS2 has already been confirmed over the weekend) for the PS3 involving Raiden/Sunny/Gray Fox/Olga (WHO THE FUCK IS IT, GAF!?) and Big Boss.

We’ll be covering the livetext of the EA press conference tonight at 10:00pm BST, after the Microsoft press conference, but we will be sure to update you with what happens when the site is updated eventually. The game will get it’s full reveal at E3 this week, either at the SCEA presser on Tuesday or the Konami press conference on Wednesday.

Either way, we will know Kojima’s newest project (s) by the end of the week.