E3 2009: Final Fantasy XIII Aimed for a Spring 2010 Release in the West


Square Enix came to the town last night at the MS conference (not just to see their own announcement from last year being trumped by Kojima in our opinion) to demo for the first time the English version of Final Fantasy XIII, which was demoed on Xbox 360 hardware for the very first time.

It showed a segment of the first half of the demo that came with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete on Blu-Ray for the PLAYSTATION 3, involving Lightning and Sazh fighting the giant scorpion at the start of the demo.

At the end of the demo, Yoshinori Kitase states that Square are aiming for a Spring 2010 release for the game. However, we seen no sign of the trailer that Square’s Tetsuya Nomura promised last week, so could it be shown tonight at the Sony conference? We’ll see, it starts from 7pm BST, but the livetext from us goes live at 6pm.