E3 2009: Watch the Moment Kojima Announced Rising


Just as you thought the Microsoft E3 press conference couldnt get any better after a sterling line-up of announcements including Forza 3, Crackdown 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and more, out came the megaton that out did Final Fantasy XIII from last year.

Don Mattrick was just introudced to the stage with John Schappert already presenting the conference. He then asked the one question on everyone’s lips: what was the one game all Xbox 360 owners wanted? Out of nowhere, sneakingly, comes Hideo Kojima, the almighty creator of Metal Gear Solid.

He was there to announce that, for the first time, Metal Gear Solid was heading to the Xbox 360 with Metal Gear Solid: Rising. That was then followed by a teaser trailer, which confirmed Raiden as the playable character. You know what, it’s a see it to believe it moment, so catch the video after the jump, it’s unreal.

Konami formally announced the game during the EA press conference. It was officially announced tonight at the MS conference.