E3 2009: Heavy Rain – Screenshots (Part 1) [UPDATE]

Heavy Rain 4

UPDATE: Second batch is up.

Original Story: So, Heavy Rain never made an appearence at Sony’s E3 press conference bar a glimpse during a showreel. But it doesnt mean it hasnt actually shown itself during a E3, there’s been a trailer and now, screens!

Because we got most screens that upload fine, while the second batch is about 15MB combined, plus it’s 3am BST and want to go to bed, we’ll be uploading these in two parts. First up, the junkyard and “Mad Jack”. But needless to say, come back tomorrow when we upload the second batch.

All we’re saying is… remember Madison from the Leipzig 2008 trailer? Lets just say these screens are about her in “sexy results”, to quote the DFA1979 song. Anyways, catch the first batch after the jump. Game’s out next year for PLAYSTATION 3, by Quantic Dream.