E3 2009: The Conference’s Best Moments

Beatles Rock BandNeedless to say, E3 threw up some big ones this year, more then last year when we had just 1 with Final Fantasy XIII. This year, there was several.We’ve gone through the conferences best moments to pick out the finest ones with a top 3 for each conference.

Needless to say, we had alot of big announcements, several megatons and two gigatons, so lets do this.


Final Fantasy XIV1 – Final Fantasy XIV Announced as a PS3 Exclusive for 2010 (and a MMO)

Regardless of it not being a story driven main FF game, Final Fantasy XIV wasnt just the biggest announcement of the Sony conference, it was the biggest announcement of the show. When Jack Tretton, the host of the press conference and SCEA president, announced it, our first thought was “surely, he means Versus XIII?”, but even then, that would have gone against Tetsuya Nomura said the week before E3.

But even if it did turn out to be an MMO (and a possible stretch of the truth from Sony on Square Enix’s part), it was a big announcement regardless.

gt52 – Gran Turismo 5 Announced at Sony Press Conference

When the reveal of GT5 was in doubt for E3 after rumor went out Yamauchi-san wanted to talk about GT Mobile for the PSP, we were worried. However, rest assured, we got what we wanted with the first trailer released at the conference, which Sony said was a teaser.

But needless to say, it had really big stuff going with that trailer. WRC, NASCAR, dusk/nighttime racing and most of all: DAMAGE! We dont know when it’s coming, Kazunori Yamuchi has gone on record stating this could be released anytime if it wanted to, which may add alot more weight to the rumor it’s out by Christmas.But knowing Polyphony, we’re betting people by saying 2010 is when you’ll see it.

Regardless, this was still a big announcement.

TRICO3 – Team ICO – The Last Guardian Announced

First thought: WOW.
Second thought: The winds been taken out of the announcement, thanks to the concept trailer being leaked.

But none the less, we still loved this trailer, it wasn’t just an improved version of the concept trailer, it was confirmation of how much we want this game right here, right now. TGS will most likely be the next time we hear of the game, but the wait is finally over: we finally know Ueda’s next masterpiece.


Natal1 – Project Natal Announced

We’re still a bit unsure of that Lionhead Milo demo, but needless to say, looking at the two demos shown for Project Natal, it works without an absolute doubt. If this goes down a treat when it releases next year, this could go down as big as the Wii and, in the long run, create more hardcore gamers then casual gamers compared to the Wii.

Needless to say, we’re excited.

Rising2 – Hideo Kojima Appears on Stage to Announce Metal Gear Solid: Rising

One of the biggest supporting developers for PLAYSTATION 3, and one of the most infamous developers in the industry, coming out of nowhere and announcing a new Metal Gear game for the Xbox 360 at a Microsoft E3 press briefing?


While Koj may not be directly involved (he’s only producing the game), it was still big, even when we thought at first it was to announce Metal Gear Solid 4 for the Xbox 360. You could almost say Kojima was being a slut and sleeping around, as Eurogamer put it during the Sony conference livetext they had. One night, announcing Rising for the 360, the next revealing Peace Walker for the PSP.

Of course, now we know Rising is coming to PS3 as well, but nonetheless, it was still a big announcement.

Beatles Rock Band3 – Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Appear Out of Nowehre for Beatles: Rock Band Demo

Okay, they didnt play the game and they pretty much didnt know where they were (E3 is non-existant to these two), but regardless, these two are musicial legends, you can give them the benefit of the doubt. We basically thought what the fuck when we seen these two out on stage, along with Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison, but the fact they were there together on stage, talking to each other and talking about the game (abit only a little bit) only told of the importance of this game can be alone comapred to Guitar Hero.


Metroid Other M 21 – Metroid: Other M Announced, In Development at Team Ninja

A new Metroid was big enough, even on the back of a Mario Galaxy 2 announcement beforehand, but a new Metroid involving Team Ninja and released in 2010? This was the announcement you really couldnt see from a mile away (FFXIV was big, but c’mon, it was coming eventually).

3rd person shooter + 1st person shooting X CGI cutscenes = We’re in.

mario-galaxy2 – Super Mario Galaxy 2 Announced

Just as we thought we had lost hope for another Nintendo conference, possibly going down as one of the worst in history, BAM! Something for the hardcore, and thy name is Super Mario Galaxy 2, featuring Yoshi! A 2010 release and thensome, Mario at the time saved the conference, it was Metroid which made it definitive.

nintendo-wii3 – Super Mario Bros for Wii Announced

Oh Cammie, your one of us now according to GAF, considering the amount of time (or lack of) it took for you to be killed by a goomba. Mind you, SMBW was a still big announcement for the show and it showed that Nintendo could still cater the hardcore, at least for the first bit of the conference.