Valkyria Chronicles Sales Get a Boost of 400%


SEGA’s announced that sales for the PS3 exclusive RPG Valkyria Chronicles has jumped over 400%. Speaking on the US Sega blog, the company said their thanks to the fans of the game:

Throughout the month of April, SEGA sponsored a number of Valkyria Chronicles community contests across sites like VGChartz, Destructoid, and others. Fans rallied on our Facebook page and our Valkyria Chronicles twitter feed, and joined us in spreading the word about how awesome Valkyria is to their friends and family – and when we announced a limited time price drop to $30, copies flew off the shelves like delicious hotcakes at a protest against weight watchers. Then, right at the pinnacle of all this Valkyria buzz and goodness, three new packs of DLC hit, and all the fans across the world rejoiced.

Squad Seven, you’ve done us proud. You’ve given attention to a game that truly deserved it, and – against all odds – helped Valkyria rise again. Thank you – all of you. Whether you’re the person constantly posting about the game on your favorite fan forum, the entrant who created Valkyria media for a contest, or the guy/gal who heard good things and decided to finally pick up a copy in the store. It’s thanks to you that this victory has happened, and as long as you guys are out there promoting the game wholeheartedly, SEGA will be right there behind you.

Surely now, this game has cause for a sequel after this? We’d like to hope we did our bit anyways, Valkyria was our 3rd best game of 08, behind LBP and MGS4 beating games like GTA IV and Fallout 3, which is a testament of how great this game is.