RUMOR: Max Payne 3 on the Next Game Informer [UPDATE]

Max Payne 3

UPDATE: Confirmed by Game Informer.

UPDATE 2: Scans are already out… somewhat.

Original Story: If you ever want a massive example of a fall from grace, look no further then Max Payne. Game Informer have Max Payne 3 on their front cover apparently, and already the info from the issue is coming out. As so, Max is now bald, overweight, dirty and addicted to perscription drugs, pain killers to be specfic.

Infact, Max is actually in Sao Paulo in Brazil.

It’s actually been claimed that the game looks very similar to Uncharted 2 in graphics, thanks to Rockstar’s RAGE engine, which will produce indestructable enviroments and more. And it’s comfirmed the game will get a multiplayer.

We thought we had the first trailer for it late last month: we didnt. Mind you, now that info is starting to come out, that December date could still be a reality yet.

Out on PS3 and 360 from Rockstar Vancouver.

More info from Deeko.